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Doing This One Thing Before Putting Your Home on the Market Can Help Sell It Faster.

 You've lived in your home for years and haven't exactly been on top of regular maintenance tasks. 

But if you are willing to invest the time and money. a thorough inspection before listing your property can make it easier to price your home, manage repairs and even help sell it faster. You have a busy life, chances are that obsessing over regular home maintenance might not be your No1 priority during downtime. Trouble is, letting painting, roof repairs, and other routine chores slide can lead to bigger issues down the road. Instead of worrying what a buyer's inspector will uncover-and which could potentially kill the sale- be proactive with a pre-listing inspection. This way, rather than being blindsided, you can then decide whether to make the necessary repairs or to account for that deferred maintenance by reducing the list price. Once a buyer's inspector submits a report, sellers are usually faced with two choices: slash the price from the sale price or carry out the repairs before closing. Having a pre-listing home inspection will minimize the back and forth negotiation. As advantageous as a pre-inspection can be, don't forget that the inspector's report could be a double-edge sword: Once you know about a problem, you can't ignore. Sellers are legally obligated to disclose any problems that a home inspection unearths.  Contact Sheryl to help guide you on whether it's necessary to sell for more, or if there's a better and more affordable strategy for getting your home sold

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Sep 13 2019 19494 1

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